About the Forum

The Arctic Mayors’ Forum is an organization that aims to give local governments a voice in the development of the Arctic. Until now, the Arctic governance system has offered no formalized and structured procedure for local communities to be involved on a continuous basis in Arctic policymaking.

Members represent local governments in the arctic states of USA, Russia, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Finland and Norway. Faroe Islands were a part of the Forum until 2022.

Mayors and elected leaders from northern local governments within the Arctic states saw the need to create a common platform for cooperation to advocate the interests of the people and communities in the Arctic.

Mayors are trusted with representing their citizens’ best interests, and many communities in the Arctic region face similar situations and can benefit from cooperation with other local governments.

Arctic Mayors’ Forum will promote local values, goals and interests in achieving sustainable development and resilient communities. The forum will through declarations, resolutions and policy position statements influence international and national actors when Arctic issues are on the agenda.

Mayor of Bodø, Ida Maria Pinnerød, is the chairman of the Forum for the current cycle. The cycle follows the Arctic Council presidency. First chairman of the Forum, 2019-2022, was Ásthildur Sturludóttir, mayor of Akureyri.

Organizational structure of Arctic Mayors’ Forum

General Assembly
The General Assembly is a biennial gathering of all members to elect a new executive organ and to discuss and decide policies, priorities and operations of the Forum.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee manages the operations of the Forum in the period between the general assemblies. The Executive Committee consists of nine members with one representative respectively from USA, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway, and Faroe Islands until 2022.

For the cycle of 2019-2021 the Executive Committee consists of: Akureyri, Iceland – Anchorage, Alaska – City of Arkangelsk, Russia – Iqaluit, Canada – Oulu, Finland – Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Greenland – Tórshavn, Faroe Islands – Tromsø, Norway and Umeå, Sweden.

For the cycle of 2022-2024 the Executive Committee consists of: Akureyri, Iceland – Anchorage, Alaska – Iqaluit, Canada – Rovaniemi, Finland – Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Greenland – Bodø, Norway and Umeå, Sweden

Patti Bruns is the Secretary-General of the Arctic Mayors’ Forum. Patti worked for the Canadian International Arctic Centre where she has served as Senior Policy Advisor. She  held the position of Executive Secretary of two Arctic Council Working Groups – ACAP (Arctic Contaminant Action Program) and EPPR (Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response).

The AMFs Secretariat consists of three representatives. A representative from the country holding the current presidency of the AC, the country holding next presidency as well a third representative. The secretariat shall be appointed by the GA and it shall:
• Ensure follow-up from the AG and the Executive Committee decisions
• Organize the AMF meetings
• Handle communication: Public and media relations
• Facilitate and disseminate internal communication

For the cycle of 2019-2020, the Secretariat consists of Municipality of Akureyri, Municipality of Tromsø and City of Arkangelsk.

For the cycle of 2022-2024, the Secretariat consists of Municipality of Akureyri, Municipality of Bodø and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Greenland.

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