Tromsø, Norway

Northern Norway’s largest city Tromsø, is a dynamic urban center in Arctic Norway. Tromsø holds a high standard and quality of life with a large range of job opportunities, welfare services and cultural activities. Located between mountains and fjords, the urban city of Tromsø is surrounded by majestic arctic wilderness. 

Tromsø is situated 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, at nearly 70 degrees north and has 76 600 inhabitants. Tromsø is a multicultural society with a growing international population, people from 140 different countries live here. This adds rich variation to the activities and atmosphere of the city.  

Tromsø has historically been the starting point for Arctic explorations by hunters, fishermen and scientists. Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen set out from the city on their northern expeditions and today high-tech modern research vessels have their base here. Tromsø is proud host city for the arctic organizations Arctic Council Secretariat, Arctic Indigenous Secretariat, Arctic Economic Council, Arctic Frontiers and soon Arctic Mayors’ Forum.
The region is rich in natural resources and have historically managed our resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our sustainable traditions combined with modern knowledge and expertise help us manage our resources and balance the need for development and the conservation of nature.
In Troms county, the seafood sector, with aquaculture and fisheries, represents large and expanding industries. Tromsø is the largest fishing port in the Arctic Norway. Advanced expertise and technology are found within fields such as information and communication technologies (ICT), arctic sciences and life sciences. In recent years, the Tromsø region has experienced a rapid growth in the tourist and travel industry. We aim to develop a sustainable travel industry, while at the same time increase the integrity of the destination. By planning for the locals while dimensioning for visitors, we strive to archive a sustainable destination.
Tromsø has grown into one of the most important knowledge centers in the Arctic. UiT The Arctic University of Norway has been a driving force for the development of the region and has helped to establish international recognized research communities and businesses. A total of 7 out of 10 students graduating from the University remain in the region.
With some of the country’s best infrastructure for marine biotechnology and access to rich and diverse Arctic marine resources Tromsø is leading research in marine bioprospecting. Kongsberg Satellite Service is a world leading provider of satellite-based services, including environmental analysis and surveillance of marine areas.
Many of the world’s top minds have therefore flocked to this area contributing to an infrastructure that includes modern research vessels and laboratories, highly advanced testing and production facilities, a well-organized business incubator, the northernmost and large University with a world-renown university hospital. Various well recognized research institutions, like the Institute of Marine Research, the Norwegian Polar Institute, Akvaplan-niva, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA) and Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU). In total, the Fram Center, consists of scientists from 21 institutions involved in interdisciplinary research and outreach in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences.

Tromsø has a varied cultural scene with several music festivals and art galleries. The public museums and art galleries includes Northern Norway Art Museum, Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, Perspektivet museum, the Arctic University Museum of Norway with Tromsø Museum, Polar Museum, MS Polstjerna and the Botanical Garden. Famous attractions like the Arctic Cathedral, the Cable Car with a panoramic view and the spectacular mountains and northern light in the winter adds to the flavor of Tromsø.  

Tromsø has a compact town center with an old town “Skansen” and the main street “Storgata”, with theatres, cinemas, cafés and restaurants. Restaurants and bars serve cuisine with products from local farms and fisheries, with a range of arctic dishes accompanied by locally produced beer and spirits to make it a truly local dining experience.
Unique cultural events, such as Tromsø International Film Festival, the Northern Lights festival, Bukta open air festival and Rakettnatt are important contributors to Tromsø’s cultural life. Furthermore, the city has a rich Sami cultural tradition which is reflected in local festivals and museum and art exhibitions. Both locals and visitors look forward to the Midnight Sun Marathon race in June.
Tromsø offers a good quality life for people in all facets of life. Jobs ranges from highly specialized sectors like academia, science and technology to tourism, arts and craftmanship. Everything is in close range and the commute to work, kindergarten, sports activities and culture is time efficient so that our inhabitants can lead the life they desire.