Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Tórshavn is the capital in the Faroe Islands and the centre of power, trade and services. The capital is nestled in the centre of the archipelago and is home to 22,000 residents, which equates to 42 percent of the population making it the largest municipality in the Faroe Islands.

The capital is a bustling modern city with an affinity for tradition. It is a city of education, trade and young people with an international mind-set and an inquisitive, innovative nature. A multi-faceted people, fond of music and singing, creative and competitive, they have created a miniature metropolis attractive for Arctic newcomers, business and investments.

Traditionally, Tórshavners used to meet with friends and family in their homes, but today cafés are increasingly popular in the social scene. Foreigners will find it easy to make friends and acquaintances when they strike up conversation with whomever they meet here.

Warm and hospitable, they counterbalance the harshness of nature with their friendly smiles and welcoming attitude to other people.

Tórshavn is a capital with an environmental and family focus and we make every effort to prioritise sustainable solutions and offer exciting activities for all ages. Tórshavn wants to promote a sustainable Arctic region in collaboration with our Arctic friends.

Tórshavn City Council is the highest decision-making body in Tórshavn. The election takes place every four years.

Heðin Mortensen is the Mayor of Tórshavn.