Last December the Arctic Mayors Forum secured their financing for the next three years. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the AMF’s application for a generous grant of 3.000.000 NOK, which will enable the forum to work in full capacity in the upcoming years, and to participate in dialogues and platforms concerning the forums interests.

The grant, in combination with membership fees, will furthermore enable the employment of a Secretary General, based in Tromsø, Norway. The Secretary General will among other things actively work on the AMF’s goals and lead and manage the AMF’s day-to-day work. The vacancy announcement will be published this week on the AMF homepage.

Now that these important instances are in place, the AMF will be able to be even more apparent in Arctic discussions and at political platforms.

Among the AMF’s goals are that the voices of mayors in the Arctic, to be heard locally, nationally, and internationally, and becoming an observer in the Arctic Council.